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The Covid-19 pandemic has put into sharp relief the need for future focused leaders who are equipped to lead organisations through transformation, disruption, ambiguity and change.

With the ever-increasing diversity of customers, markets and stakeholders, we see the growing need for leaders to be inclusive and leadership teams that reflect their clients, customers and workforce will be best positioned for success in our post-pandemic world.

Successful talent development and considered investment to accelerate leadership development will generate a transformational impact on the performance of leaders, teams and ultimately the business.

Purposeful mentoring is an invaluable component of leadership development; enabling real-time learning from those who have themselves been leaders and have faced the reality of leading through a breadth of business situations

Mentore believes in purposeful mentoring programmes that are proven to accelerate development and progression of high performing, high potential leaders. Enabling a leader to access expert advice and insight into the challenges and success factors that drive business and personal performance. Our pragmatic, commercial solutions achieve embedded, sustainable change, enabling our clients to develop inclusive, future focused leaders.

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“I was taken out of my comfort zone which made me think about things in a completely new way. Mentoring has been transformational for my executive development.”
Managing Director, BT

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