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Martin Clements CMG OBE

Until 2016 Martin worked for the British Government, where he was for many years at the heart of the UK’s national response to the opportunities and challenges of digital and cyber technologies. He spent much of his career working on national security questions.

Originally trained in computer and natural sciences, Martin was a programmer, writing and selling games in the early personal computer industry; he also served for seven years with the British Military. In 1983 he joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working at first on Cold War themes before studying Persian for a posting to post-revolutionary Iran. Over the following decade his work centred on nuclear proliferation, spending five years on the subject at the United Nations in Vienna.

In the late 90’s he switched focus to counter-terrorism in Europe, living in Berlin and building partnerships in the German National Security Sector. Following 9/11 Martin worked several times in Afghanistan, where he led counter-narcotic, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism work as well the development of vital security sector capabilities, both for the UK and the Afghan authorities. His duties included close liaison with the most senior allied and Afghan figures.

In London, Martin later held prominent leadership positions, building capabilities for the National Security Sector, combining traditional techniques and skills with emerging innovations, especially in the fields of mobile, cyber and data. He became an experienced executive and non-executive member of the top governance in his sector, retiring as Director General for Technology and Transformation.

In his post government career, Martin works with businesses that he believes address key capability gaps, bringing the finest emerging technologies together with skilled humans to defend and transform both the commercial and government sectors. He is also a senior advisor to the Group Chairman and CEO of Credit Suisse Bank.

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Martin Clements CMG OBE