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Sandra Yu

Sandra is the formal senior executive in Unilever and Mead Johnson Nutrition/Reckitt Benckiser. Expatriated to Thailand, the US, and China, Sandra has had 25+ years of global consumer goods experiences operating across multi-cultural organizations creating a bridge between the West and the East. Categories experience: Health care/Nutrition, Hair Care, Skin Care, Food, household & Personal Care.

Sandra has been a change catalyst with proven track record of driving the transformation of the business and the brands in dynamic, fast-changing and complicated environment. She is known as a highly effective and truly authentic leader. She has mindfully moved into a 2nd life stage with a life purpose of “Discovering & Sharing”; and now holds several non-executive roles in advising and mentoring executives, and female leaders going through different transformation phases.

Sandra has built a broad network and deep expertise in consumer goods industries particularly in Asia/China region. As the former President for Mead Johnson Greater China, Sandra led the organization going through major transformation, and enhanced the organisational capabilities in innovation, digitalization, and new retail in China’s fast-changing and complicated regulatory environment. She also chaired China baby nutrition industry group; and drove the changes in industry regulation, compliance and business governance.

Sandra was the acting CMO for Mead Johnson in its Chicago office. Prior to joining Mead Johnson, Sandra worked for Unilever for 13 years and was Asia Marketing Vice President for Unilever Skin care. Sandra is currently based in Taiwan and China.

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Sandra Yu