Mentore Consulting

Enhancing top talent - developing future leaders

What we offer

We design and run bespoke mentoring programmes to develop the most talented and high potential people at senior levels of an organisation, either through 1-1 executive mentoring or through internal mentoring programmes, reverse mentoring, NED mentoring. We also design and deliver sponsorship programmes for clients which we refer to in our Consulting section in this website.

For executive 1-1 mentoring we:

  • Carefully match mentees with high-calibre, experienced mentors
  • Work closely with clients to develop a 12-18 month mentoring programme that generates successful outcomes for mentee and organisation
  • Unlock the mentee’s potential to achieve goals and accelerate career progression
  • Support the mentee throughout the programme, providing networking and development opportunities
  • Feedback on value delivered to client to measure return on investment

Mentore’s professionally managed development programmes are designed to bring transformational change to the careers of future business leaders and to establish a pipeline of top talent.

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80% of clients have extended and repeated programmes

Talented, senior mentees...

Our mentees are drawn from:

  • Board and Executive Committee
  • Senior Leadership Team (e.g. top 200)
  • Women and men in succession to leadership roles at Executive Committee level
  • Women and men in the executive pipeline to the Senior Leadership Team
  • Women and men transitioning to new roles or geographies
  • Women Looking for a Non-Executive Director position

Considerations in selecting mentees:

  • High potential and ready for promotion
  • Specific need for bespoke external guidance to deliver transformational change in performance
  • Identified as part of a retention strategy to develop talent pool at key levels of the leadership pipeline
  • Moving into leadership role and seeking successful transition
  • Transitioning from another geography to the UK

Mentees Promoted

...Are matched with high-caliber mentors

Our unique and diverse group of male and female mentors with a breadth of organisational experience in public and private sectors enables us to match mentees with a mentor ideally suited to skill set, experience, background and personality. 

We offer access to an unparalleled network of business leaders including chairs, executive officers and non-executive directors from a wide range of industries sectors and geographies.

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