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Enhancing the diversity of senior leadership teams

Mentore was founded in 2012 in response to the heightened need to address the slow progress in achieving gender equality on boards of the UK’s listed companies. As a leadership development consultancy specialising in mentoring for senior level leaders, one of Mentore’s original aims was to provide mentoring programmes to FTSE 100 organisations to accelerate the number of women reaching the most senior positions: By enabling access to the advice and experience that all leaders need in order to develop and grow – whilst this has theoretically always been available, it has historically been difficult to access for women and people from any underrepresented group.

Inclusive leadership now sits at the heart of our philosophy for modern leadership. We believe in mentoring men and women, helping organisations develop more inclusive leaders.

Companies work with us to help develop their people ready to address their business priorities and needs. The benefits are enhanced performance and an enhanced ability to attract, develop and retain a breadth of talent. Mentore provides expert advice, insight and solutions around the challenges and success factors that enable culture change. We match leaders of the future with the leaders of today (CEOs, Executives or Non-Executive Directors) bringing external perspectives from those who have lived through the reality of leading through.

Why is the need for mentoring greater today than it ever has been?

“The pandemic continues to challenge and demand much from leaders, constantly asking more from their leadership skills and putting them in unchartered waters. Mentore recognises the benefit of providing leaders with a safe space to learn, to be challenged, to receive new ideas and to test out new approaches, to share experiences and to receive constructive challenge and support from somebody who has already walked in their shoes. We see the need for compassionate and authentic leadership as the world continues to be buffeted by the pandemic and macro-economic forces.”

Emma Avignon, CEO

50 percent

“Over 50% of business leaders said they need to do more to attract, retain and promote women to leadership positions” (EY)

35 percent

“35% growth in UK GDP, if women’s productivity and employment equalled men’s” (Women’s Business Council)

15 percent

“Gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform” (McKinsey)


“Bridging the UK gender gap in work could add up to £150 billion to GDP in 2025” (McKinsey)


“Equality for women in the labour force would add $28 trillion to the global economy by 2025” (McKinsey)

170 years2

“Global economic gender equality will not be achieved for another 170 years” (World Economic Forum)

Mentore is an expert in the field of diversity, inclusion and gender-balanced leadership, regularly contributing to the debate with insightful views on trends, issues and solutions.

Thanks to many individuals and organisations that have championed workplace equality, it is now widely accepted that balanced leadership teams are imperative for business performance. This has resulted in real change in the makeup of FTSE350 boards.

And yet, despite progress made in recent years at Board level, the UK still has a significant way to go in improving women’s participation at the senior executive levels of our biggest companies.

Mentore plays an active and collaborative role by supporting and partnering with a number of organisations in order to drive momentum and ensure diversity remains at the forefront of the UK’s business agenda.